How to Beat Earth Eater Tips and Guide

Earth Eater

How to Beat Earth Eater Tips and Guide: Before learning the tips and complete guide, let us look after what exactly the Earth Eater is. Earth Eater, this is usually unlocked over the Monster Arena. This can be done by unlocking the area’s conquest fiends respectively. Whereas the battle available against Eartheater to be performed and completed for maximizing the stats of characters and to obtain a quick or fast leveling successfully. And when you see or observe, one of the most complicate or difficult thing against battle is counting the number of attacks and comparing with either Flare or Megaton Punch.

Earth Eater

Well, the battle actually uses Megaton Punch when it goes standing in the upright position and bounce towards Flare while it is lying at the back. If this is going to happen in your game, make sure and remember your going to die. However, strategy lying or need to be followed over the Eartheater is defeating it in terms of power by HP and dealing with all the characters dying at various times. So, therefore, you should be sure that each and every single character is equipped with auto-phoenix too. Noting down all these essential points, let us also look after the few tips and guide so that might help you out very well.

How to Beat Earth Eater Tips and Guide

Let’s now go and read the tips and guide in terms of basic as well as also in advance in detail now. What are the basics and advance? What exactly the difference? Well, in that case, let me explain to you, till now whoever not played the most interesting game Final Fantasy X, should go and have a look over the Basics tips first. And advanced tips are for the people who likely to learn all the aspects of the game and looking forward to winning the game without any fail. So, without wasting our valuable time, let us get into the details.

How to Beat Earth Eater


Basics point of view, and whoever still not yet played the Final Fantasy X, go through the below simple points or factors now.

  • A Brief explanation of both the Combat and Battle system identified and used over the game Final Fantasy X.
  • Elemental affinities can be identified and used in the entire gaming scenario.
  • CTB Window which you can locate over the top-upper right of the screen is held responsible to dictate the complete turn order meant for both enemies and characters you face over the game.
  • Status Ailments that mean effects in terms of both positive and negative are going to be applied especially when you are continuing and playing the corresponding game.
  • Trigger commands are the special and unique commands that can be found or located in certain battles especially when your progressing the entire game till the end.
  • Learning how exactly to kill a friend or enemy (overkilling) as soon as before the game gets end. This is why because the Final Fantasy X is no more going to provide or give you more options respectively.
  • Customizing the weapons and equally armor the complete or entire new auto-abilities without other doubts.

The above are the certain basics that have to be studied or go through especially those still not yet played or look after the game Final Fantasy X. Now the point is we go and learn advanced tips which help you process the game till end successfully.


Now when you are looking forward to learning advanced tips, without wasting even a single second here we go into the points straightforwardly.

  • You have to use the first strike auto-ability option to process and complete the entire game. This is what helps and notify you of the upper hand or strong enemies that you are going to face and defeat. This option plays a major role in the battles when played with the Malboros respectively.
  • There is another option called Bribe-list which contains numerous items that you’re going to get in the entire game.
  • Winning or choosing weapons that mainly comes with the Triple AP auto-ability option allowing to level up to entire characters successfully.

These are certain advanced tips and if you like to learn more also, no problem. Just share with us all your doubts and what exactly you like to need more regarding the tips and other details at any time in terms of placing comments in the below section. Besides this, you can also learn more information by being in touch with eartheater all the time.